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You won't find your now typical jump scares here; there is something deeper at work, something which begins to bridge the gap of what is real and what isn't.


After three long years of searching for his missing wife, Carolyn, Michael Benson is at his wit's end. Just as he is about to throw in the towel and end his search, he receives an anonymous tip on his answering machine. The caller claims to have seen Carolyn in 'Hell', a strangely named town in the boondocks of New England. With little else to go on, Michael sets out for 'Hell', could his wife really be there?


  • Low resolution graphics keep the game true to its lost ps1 origins.
  • 60+ keys and items to aid in your search.
  • Unique puzzles to uncover hidden items and gain access to new areas.
  • High quality cutscenes, which are also brief to keep emphasis on gameplay.
  • Excellent voice acting pulls players into the shoes of the protagonist.
  • Full Xbox 360 controller support.
  • Original Soundtrack: https://snowspot.itch.io/concluse-soundtrack

Press Reviews

“Concluse feels like it is only the beginning of a story, but there’s so much potential there that I’m looking forward to what it might have in store for us next.” - Kotaku

“Concluse is a word which here means, 'my dictionary's all the way over there', so let's pretend it instead translates to 'a damned fine, PS1-style horror adventure'.” - PC Gamer

“CONCLUSE doesn’t just look like an old PS1 survival horror game, it plays like one too (albeit without the combat). It doesn’t use jump scares, instead it instills you with a deep sense of dread, much like the early Silent Hill games..” - Free Game Planet

"Concluse Illustrates The Chilling Effectiveness of Retrograde Horror" - Paste Magazine


Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/826230/CONCLUSE/

Guides/Walkthroughs: https://steamcommunity.com/app/826230/guides/

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/StudioSnowspotAndTAllenStudios (Get access to Concluse 2 sneak peeks, exclusive games, and more.)

Concluse 2


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Wrote a Song  about this game


Can't wait for the full version, so excited ♥️


Congratulations nice game...

I invite you to visit my Channel


A soon


I know I’m super late to the game on this one, but I’m so glad I’ve discovered this! What an amazing and tense game this is. I’m so surprised that this is free, as this type of game you’d expect to pay a premium for. The imagery and narrative is awesome! The audio is superb! I know I’m only just getting started with this, but I’m so keen to see what happens next! 

I’ve finally managed to complete the whole game and I’ve got to say, I loved every moment. It was tense throughout and I can’t wait to play the sequel. The only issue I found was with how dark some areas were… it was difficult to orientate yourself on occasions. Other than that, I’m so surprised that this is a free game. You’d expect to pay for something of this calibre, but I’m so pleased I stumbled across this great game! Absolutely fab! 

thanks for playing!


Clones of silent hill are becoming more and more common lately and fuck you they are awesome! I love these games! Constant jump scares, annoyingly stupid puzzles, cryptic stories that are fucking boring is the norm in new horror games so its nice to see something the goes back to the roots of horror.

There isn't a whole lot in the sense of story. Wife missing, go find that bitch. There isn't a whole lot in the sense of game play. Get a key, unlock that door. But as for the ambiance...MUWAH...amazing. Sure the game is a walking simulator for the most part and is horribly dark but there is something about it that gets you to an 8 and keeps you there for the whole game. No enemies. No jump scares. Just fear...and you can drive a snowplow.


Show post...


Hi, I'm stuck on the highway with no idea where to use the Utility Room Key. I picked up a map, but it did not appear in my inventory and I don't know how to access it.


A little slow but very creepy

I did try to play this game before but thought it was a short horror game and didn't really bother much into it. So, recently I gave it another shot and I am really glad I did now! Here are my 2 videos on this game.

(Part 1)


(Part 2)


thanks for checking it out, glad you are enjoying it more this time :)


Thank YOU for making a Silent Hill inspired game! It is so nice to see people keeping the legacy of the original Silent Hill alive!

Am I fashionably late? 

I found this game and thought it would be creepy to play and the intro sequence did entice me into the game. When playing, it did feel like a Silent Hill inspired game, which excited me.... but up until the point where I was completely stuck. I was looking everywhere in every detail and couldn't progress.

But alas, here's my video:

I installed this last year and never got around to playing it. All I can say is I'm glad I finally did. It was such a well-crafted, well-paced game that did only what it needed to when it needed to and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I do hope you're working on the second one but good luck on any project you've got cooking up!

This is one of the most interesting and atmoshperic horror games i have ever played,
I got it on Steam and finished it and i just had the best time, can't wait for the second game.

I'm fascinated by the storyline and curious about where it's going, but I'm afraid the low res graphics have defeated my aging eyes. Also, I had difficulty picking up objects; generally, I centered the screen on the object, but had to press "e" numerous times before it would take. Playing on an iMac with El Capitan.


Thank you for making this game. I tried my best to play through the game but I ended up quitting after getting lost and experiencing weird glitches. I appreciate that you're going for a demake PSX era style but the low-res text really works against the game.


part 3 of the epic tale to chase down my cheating wife XD


This game is rather interesting on how the dreary atmosphere is matching well with the classic PSOne style graphics. Concluse is still a complete mystery to me, but I’m keeping my eyes open for the girl with the long black hair though.  I’m still playing through it currently, But I wonder where Concluse is gonna end up taking me.  If you wanna check out my gameplay then go ahead and check to my channel.

Thanks for sharing your playthrough, enjoyed and look forward to future parts!

You’re welcome, and thanks 🙏🏾 There will definitely be more parts.


Like many others, I recorded some gameplay of Concluse! I am enjoying the game very much so far, despite getting stuck at the end of the 2nd video ;)

If you're on the fence about downloading this game, check out my video AT LEAST to see the awesome intro of the game! And if you decide you want to come along with me for the ride, then be assured that I will be posting a full series (just make sure to subscribe ;))
Anyway thank you to Studio Snowspot/ T Allen for making such an awesomely eerie game, I will definitely be looking for your work in the future!

Thank you very much for the kind words and the awesome playthrough!


Really loving the game and also recording a Let's Play like many others here, but can I get a hint on how to get past the beginning of the sewers?

I've been reading/ skimming the comments here but don't want too much spoiled
Here's the SPOILER part of my comment coming now:
I saw the note in the first corridor. I got the spinning room and think I determined which number represents North. I don't know where/ what to do with these numbers. I see the key in the water in the beginning of the sewers, and got the text to show up for it although it is very hard to trigger it. I don't know where/ what item I need to actually get the key, which I would guess is the entire "key" to progressing the game whatsoever! If I could get one single hint (ie don't spoil the next upcoming parts after that) I would be extremely grateful!

Hey there, glad you are enjoying the game so far! It sounds like you missed a door in the same room/area where the hatch to the spinning room is.


There's definitely a room behind some hanging chains if I recall correctly, but that one needs a key as well....... I'll definitely check again when I'm ready for another recording session. Thank you!

Yeah no problem! Also, I have added a links section to the page now and one of them has a full guide/walkthrough if you really get stuck at any point:)


Can`t wait to see what other unearthly findings i stumble upon in my next adventure!


part 2 to this interesting Concluse story


Very nice and creepy. The ps style graphics adds a lot because it gets a bit unsettling to watch for a while. I'm very intrigued to see where this story is going too.


Great game so far. Can't wait to play more. Also love the retro PS1 Style.

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A great vacation spot! Concluse part 2


SILENT HILL SPOOKS ARE BACK! | Concluse Full Gameplay Walkthrough First Look

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Playing this game felt like I was in an actual horror movie, I was at the edge of my seat. It was intense, I loved it.


Thanks for sharing your playthrough with us, really enjoyed watching! Glad you enjoyed the game so far and hope you do upload more parts :)


(*〇□〇)Oh hi Guy chained to the wall.. Sure, eat all my 'herbs' that's fine..

Having fun so far in part 3~ although I am even more confused than before x3 

click the link to start watching from EP 1 --


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Nice channel, you should have more subs :)


Thanku! Nice game can't wait to do part 4:D 

(I wish I had more subs lol maybe someday!) 

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Very enjoyable playthrough to watch, your commentary style is very nice. Hope you continue to play and upload your playthroughs here :)


Glad you enjoyed the video and the commentary! Big compliment :D I'll be sure to post the other episodes soon! 


hey enjoying the game and the buildup im hoping for something big to go down anyway here is part 3 :D


Made a video


Creepy game ! T.T

thanks for playing, I hope you continue all the way to the end ! :)


Not with vidéo but yes ! :D

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 Concluse Part 1.  We dive Into the darkness

 My Gaming Channel


I had my reserves about playing this game at first, but once I got my feet wet a little I was hooked. The game takes place in a world called Cordova (hell) where you play as Michael who is searching for his missing wife. The world is very dark and gritty and one of the most prevalent aspects of this game is the tension that begins building at the beginning and never really stops. Instead of relying on cheap jump scares Concluse does a very good job building tensing and a sense of dread, I was on the edge of my seat half way through the game waiting for something to jump out at me around every corner. Overall I enjoyed this game. If you would like to see my play through follow the link below.


9/10, Just play it!


Loved the design and creepy visuals and sound. Played through the entire game plus the bonus stuff and looking forward to a sequel hopefully.


Really awesome atmosphere and creepiness! Love the unsettling feel this game pulls off. 


actually the game is Amazing! Yes my commentary is kind of different but i really like the game !

Played some of the game. From what i saw it looks quite good. The voice acting is very good and the addition of cutscenes is an unexpected bonus. Good stuff.

Hey! Do you have plans on lauching it for Linux as well? :)

We're going to try, we had issues with our linux build we are currently trying to work out :)

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Fabio stole my wife and took her to hell now I gotta get her back.... mommy 😭 XD interesting game

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thanks for checking out CONCLUSE, I like your take on the story haha


lol no problem I always get a bit weird like that 😂 it’s a nice spooky game. Keep her goin 👌


Concluse teases you at every corner thinking this is the moment you are going to get jump scared! As the developer said it's not your run of the mill jump scare horror game but, can more be related to the psychological horror game that has those tension build up moments again and, again!
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Thanks for playing, enjoyed your playthrough!

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